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Hi, and welcome to Must Love Camping!

We are Kristi and Roger…camping enthusiasts from as far back as childhood.

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We both grew up in families that camped. Summer vacation at the beach and the mountains were the norm for both of us. Roger even worked at a campground for several years as a teen.

That’s actually how the two of us met. He was working and I was a moody, reluctant teen camping with my very uncool family.

Well…one thing led to another and here we are today. Still together and loving the camping lifestyle more than ever.

We’ve camped all up and down the East Coast and in a variety of camping equipment from tents to popups and a 29′ travel trailer.

Our two daughters even grew to love the outdoors. They are both on their own now but still love to be outside to camp and hike.

Today, Roger and I are empty nesters and along with our two pups, Finn and Cooper, we’ve recently rediscovered our love of camping.

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Through a series of moves from Florida to Chicago, we had to give up that lifestyle. Once we moved back down South though, the bug to hit the road surfaced again.

This time we wanted to fix up a trailer to suit our needs. After an extensive search of old trailers, and a lot of discussion, we decided to buy an empty cargo trailer and build our own.

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It was a huge project that’s taken us almost 2 years to complete but we’ve had a blast, and now have a custom RV built to fit our needs.

looking into RV door at kitchen and bed area

So what is Must Love Camping all about?

All things camping!!!

We’ll be sharing camping tips and hacks we’ve learned from all of our years camping, easy camping recipes that we like to make on the road (a lot of one pot meals) and campground reviews, including State and County parks. We’ll also be sharing some of our cargo trailer conversion and a new project we’ll be embarking on…a vintage trailer remodel.

You can also check out more of our cargo trailer conversion on Chatfield Court (our DIY blog).

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Happy camping!!!

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