RV Camping Storage Ideas for Better Organization

Camping in a 100 square foot RV is a huge test in small space living. Check out these useful RV camping storage ideas for better organization…and to make your camping life easier. 

Once you have that first camping season under your belt, you get the hang of creating organization in your small RV space.

We’ve learned a lot of RV storage tricks in the last 25+ years we’ve been camping and we’re using several of my favorite tips in our cargo trailer conversion.

kitchen and bed area in small RV

Storage ideas for RV closets

A shoe holder that holds more than shoes

Since we built our own RV, we were able to add in a ton of storage (well, as much as you can have in a 100 square foot space).

I knew that I wanted to utilize every square inch, even the back side of a closet door, so I added a shoe organizer with mesh, see-through pockets.

shoe organizer in RV linen closet used for storage of bathroom toiletries

I use this same idea in our small bathroom in our house and it’s worked well for us.

In the camper I use it for things that I grab most…cotton swabs, Advil, bandaids, razors. The see-through pockets make it easy to see what’s in each one and it’s so simple to hang.

Check out the one I’ve been using in the Supplies list at the bottom of the post.

Baskets to contain the bathroom toiletries

If you’re anything like me, you take lot’s of toiletries when you go camping. Toothpaste, shampoo, soap…it all accumulates quickly and if you’re not careful, it can get out of hand.

The first time we went out in our cargo trailer I didn’t have any storage containers in our linen closet. Huge mistake.

woven baskets in RV linen closet used for toiletry organization

Once we came home I immediately went out and got some woven baskets, and hooks, to contain the mess.

Now I can see everything and it’s not all thrown in a closet, rolling around when we’re driving.

The hooks are great for things like my hairdryer and hats.

DIY storage bins to hold everything from dirty clothes to dog towels

I realize that everyone doesn’t have a homemade rig but hey…camping is camping. Right?

So, we needed an easy solution for 3 problems in our RV.

  1. more storage…of course.
  2. a place to sit at our fold-up table, or just to put our socks on.
  3. something to step on to get into our platform bed.

The DIY storage stools that I built ticked all the boxes. I especially love all of the extra storage it gave us. Plenty of space for our dirty clothes and dog towels.

DIY navy storage stools with cushions in small RV

Camping kitchen shelving for dishes, glasses and coffee mugs

Most RV’s have upper kitchen cabinets but I wanted to try something different in our cargo trailer. We had leftover walnut from the kitchen countertops so I made 2 wall shelves.

When we are parked I use them for our glasses, dishes and bananas. It keeps the countertop clear and makes it easy to just grab and go.

wood kitchen shelves on wall with coffee cups hanging off of one

I also added a few cup hooks on the bottom shelf for our mugs.

The mugs are actually dual purpose, and one of my favorite camp hacks. We use them for tea but I also put our salt and pepper shakers in them.

It makes them easy to get to without actually having them sit out.

RV kitchen corner with wood shelves for storage that hold dishes and a picture

RV Storage Containers

All of the electrical cords, strands of lights and water hoses that you need when you go camping can quickly turn into a tangled disaster if you don’t have them organized.

That’s where plastic containers and bins come into the picture.

garage area in a small RV with storage and organization ideas

The “garage” area is Roger’s domain. He’s not neat by nature but he is really good at keeping this space organized.

Bins and boxes really help in this area. We try to stick with bins that can be stacked, and try to keep them on the small side. He has one for hoses, outside lights and even one for the grill.

Having camped for all these years, we’ve learned that good storage and organization ideas are always smart. What are some useful RV storage ideas that you use when you’re out on the road?

Camping Organization Supplies

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  1. Love your new blog. We’ve been camping for years, but I’m always looking for more ideas on decorating and storage. Thanks Kristi for sharing your ideas!

  2. I am so impressed by all of your resourcefulness, creativity, and skills! The cargo trailer turned out AMAZING- beautiful, functional and cozy. And I love all of your tips on organization and storage. Thank you so much for sharing your hard work so that we can benefit!!

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